Our Products

NIPP0055_COFFEE_375ml.jpgNippy's Flavoured Milk Range

Nippy's Flavoured Milk range has been a kiwi favourite for years, our great flavours are:

Nippy's Iced Chocolate

Nippy's Iced Coffee

Nippy's Iced Strawberry

Nippy's Iced Banana

Nippy's Iced Honeycomb

Nippy's Iced Mocha

Nippy's Iced Vanilla

Nippy's Flavoured Milk come in 250ml, 375ml and 500ml sizes

Ginger_Beer_375ml.jpgNippy's Ginger Beer

Nippy's Traditional Ginger Beer is a great tasting and first quenching ginger beer now available in New Zeland


250ml_Juice.jpgNippy's Long Life Fruit Juices

Nippy's Long Life Fruit Juices are 100% straight juice

header_img1.jpgNippy's Fruitylicious Fruit Juice Range

Convenient 350ml long life premium fruit juice